Arlington Estates properties declared nuisance

The board resolved to declare the two remaining trailers at Arlington Estates that were damaged by the flood as nuisances, which allows the trailer park owner to take care of them. The trailers are on lot 11 and 16 and must be abated by Feb. 17.

Library board member resigns

The board accepted the resignation of Ron Christensen from the Library Board. The Library Board recommended Rick York as Christensen's replacement and the board accepted the recommendation.

Renovation of auditorium kitchen nears completion

Jon Rosenthal said he hopes to complete the renovation of the auditorium kitchen by the end of the week. The counters are movable and need to be assembled.

Arlington Community Church requested the silverware and the board is considering what to do with the other items in the cupboards, such as cups and dishes.

The process has been a long time in coming. Starting a year ago, the board started looking for resources, stainless steel kitchen equipment and work surfaces, just to give the kitchen an upgrade. During the previous budget year, the village purchased a large commercial refrigerator, stainless steel countertops, and new sink basins to gut the old kitchen, replace the flooring, repaint the walls and make it a better kitchen environment for today's user who isn't cooking big things in the kitchen. 

Possible addition of outdoor storage

The owner Arlington Estates wants to place an outdoor storage facility on the property.

Members of the planning commission will determine how they want the area to look if an outdoor storage place is built. It is not in the zoning ordinance as an outdoor storage area. If there is outdoor storage, Chairman Paul Krause believes it would be the easiest way to get business back in that space.

"It will be something that looks better than the mobile homes," he said. "I envision a privacy fence there."

The board is waiting for the planning commission recommendation before moving forward.

Verizon Wireless hopes to update water tower equipment

Verizon Wireless, which leases space on the water tower, has requested approval to upgrade equipment on the water tower, including modification of its antennas, coax and other equipment. Verizon requested no rent increase because they said the updates they are using was never installed in the third amendment to the contract.

Board member Jason Wiese said he was surprised at the tone in the email saying the board can charge what it wants.

The board decided to table the discussion until Verizon can catch up on the previous contract financially. Wiese also wondered if the revenue could be used towards the water tower repairs in the future.

Verizon Wireless has leased space on the water tower since 2000. Amendments to the agreement were made in 2012, 2014 and 2017.

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