Dwyer Photography

The building where Dwyer Photography has been since 1991 has been sold, thoguh Dwyer Photography will still be in business.

Dwyer Photography owners Micheal and Gail Dwyer got a Christmas present of an unexpected sort — an offer to buy their building — that they couldn't refuse.

While Dwyer Photography will no longer have a building at 340 W. Eagle, their cameras will keep clicking away in Arlington and around the area.

The deal, which should close at the beginning of March, leaves the business with new opportunities.

"It gives us an opportunity to have a little more flexibility in what we can do for clients," Dwyer said. "Artistically it's easy to operate in a studio because I know it like the back of my hand. I can and could come up with good photographs by doing what I've always done, but I began to notice the best of our work was the stuff in an environment I didn't know very well and had to create from the ground up."

Dwyer said that work is challenging.

"Clients expect the best," he said. "This will be an opportunity to work on the creative piece a little more."

Being in business for 37 years, Dwyer has seen much of his retail portion of the business go away but said the company has been blessed to do a lot of commercial and corporate work, as well as events.

"We have been blessed to continue to do what we love and make a reasonably good living," he said.

Dwyer said they have had a home office for 10 years and will keep an eye out for a smaller location to store equipment and have a physical presence.

"The new owners agreed to give us some storage space for extra equipment that isn't used as regularly," he said. "Clients won't see any difference. There won't be any difference in the way we work — Gail, myself and the staff that works on location with us."

There are currently two other businesses in the building — Carie's Pet Grooming and 365彩票苹果下载安装 Grown Wellness. They don't have to move. Though 365彩票苹果下载安装 Grown Wellness already had a plan in place to move into the Arlington Community Fitness Center sometime in March.

"I insisted with the new owners to continue with the businesses in place," Dwyer said.

While Dwyer declined to name the new owners of the building, he said they have a lot of work to prepare the building for a good transition to the new owners, so the new owners won't have to clear out their stuff.

"I want to make sure our transition is seamless and that our business continues to run the same way it has for 37 years and expect it to run after March 1," Dwyer said.

Dwyer said he doesn't see a significant impact on the village financially.

"They will still get the tax revenue because we are still operating," he said. "In a bigger picture sense, it's another business that won't be operating downtown so there will be a little less activity."

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