Have you seen the one that says "If the world was flat, cats would push everything off"? Or "Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it never use it"?

If you have driven anywhere in Blair, chances are you have seen these witty sayings on the signs of Country Gardens, Thone Animal Care, Holstein Veterinary Clinic, and Dale's House of Bottles.

Do you have a favorite?

Employees at the different businesses use various means to come up with ideas to entertain the passersby.

Lisa Warren, manager of marketing and merchandise at Country Gardens, was tasked with the job to change the sign almost every day.

"It can be things we relate to the store, or we find something funny online," she said. "If we see it on another sign we will change the words so that we're not copying it."

She said one of the best signs has been "Give Mother Nature a Snickers Bar."

"The sign has turned into one of the best icons," Warren said. "Everyone in town comments and waits every day for us to change the signs."

It is not only customers who comment on the sign. Warren said even truck drivers will comment.

"We change it every day unless there is a sale or something in the store," she said.

Warren said many of their signs are posted on their Facebook page and garner a lot of comments.

"It has spread through Iowa, California, Missouri and elsewhere," she said. "Sometimes we share stories about our customers and stories that mean a lot. The sign has become famous during the holidays."

Creative Signs in Blair

Lisa Warren is challenged to change this sign almost every day.

They also like to make fun of their boss, Sarah Lambrecht, on the signs, according to Warren. She said some signs are based on things that staff say to each other in the store and get worded differently for the sign.

"We have a great time," she said.

Creative Signs in Blair

Don Kruse said he got the idea for this sign after people were complaining about the weather.

Don Kruse, owner of Dale's House of Bottles, said he's been using the his sign for around 10 years for something more than sales.

"There's a lot of funny stuff out there to use, but we don't want to offend people too much," Kruse said.

Sometimes it is through his customers that an idea can sprout.

"People were complaining about the weather," he said. "I told them even if we could change, it we would still screw it up."

A beverage from Dale's House of Bottles will cure it.

"We can't fix the weather but we can fix your mood," the sign read after the weather complaints.

Kruse said other popular sayings have come when the flooding happened or stock market crashes.

Creative Signs in Blair

Hostein Veterinary Clinic puts up different sayings on each side of their sign often .

Sadie Benoit, office manager at Holstein Veterinary Clinic, said the clinic has been posting phrases on their sign since 2011.

"The staff comes up with lines or we find inspiration on the internet or a combination of the two," she said. "Sometimes we get great ideas from clients, too."

The most popular saying was, 'It's all fun and games until the anal glands explode,' Benoit said.

They also have positive customer feedback.

"We have had one complaint since 2011, but 99 percent of the passersby have a sense of humor," she said. "Everyone seems to enjoy them and we are glad we can provide some giggles. Sometimes we see people stopping by to take pictures."

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